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Home Health is suitable for those individuals that need to stay home and require skilled nursing or rehabilitation services.

Physical Therapy –Our Licensed Physical Therapists develop programs that are tailored to our patient’s individual needs. These programs focus on building strength and increasing endurance in an effort to maximize mobility and independence. Our goal is to alleviate pain while restoring function.
Skilled Nursing –Our Registered Nurses are uniquely trained to provide rehabilitation nursing, post-operative wound care, antibiotic therapy, and medication management services.
Home Health Aide –
Our Home Health Aides assist our patients with light housekeeping, personal hygiene, meal preparation, and other support services.
Occupational Therapy –
Our Licensed Occupational Therapists help our patients improve their ability to perform vital tasks such as bathing, dressing, and eating. They also identify and correct safety issues, and instruct patients on the proper use of adaptive equipment.
Speech-Language Therapy –
Our licensed Speech-Language Pathologists evaluate and assist our patient’s in an effort to improve cognitive and verbal capabilities.
Social Work –Our Licensed Social Workers evaluate and address any emotional, financial or social issues our patient’s may be facing. They assist with abuse or neglect concerns, and help identify community resources that may be available to assist the patient.

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